Collecting 5.83% of the vote, Jean-Luc Ballot’s team will not participate in the 2nd round of the municipal elections in Sablé (Sarthe). The candidate will not give voting instructions.

The results fell late in Sablé (Sarthe) Sunday, March 15, 2020. The team led by Jean-Luc Ballot, “Together for Sablé 2020”, won only 5.83% of the vote in the first round of the municipal elections.

Sunday evening, the candidate was thinking about giving voting instructions for the next round which will bring together the team of Nicolas Leudière (43.53%), Marc Joulaud (38.97%) and Rémi Mareau (11.67%).

Monday March 16, he announced his decision:

“The diversity of the members of our list was certainly a strength in terms of openness and program but also a weak point in terms of voters to mobilize. We thank all the voters who trusted us. This diversity, after polling the members of the list, leads us to reach a consensus around the principle of not giving voting instructions. Each voter, each member of the list, will vote in the second round for the list which seems to him to carry the program best suited to the Saboliennes and to the Saboliens.”

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