Guy Rachet has been at the helm of the Sports Bar in Brûlon for eight years. While he wanted to leave his place, containment wanted otherwise.

Sales agreement ready to be signed, inventory made. Guy Rachet, manager of the Sports Bar in Brûlon (Sarthe), thought he could retire. But everything changed after the establishment of containment to fight the spread of Coronavirus Tuesday, March 17.

Determined not to abandon his customers, he reopened the business four days after the announcement of Emmanuel Macron.

The new manager was to take over on April 1 and had planned to do some work. “Everything was blocked. But it feels good morally to go back to work, ”admits Guy.

“We’re helping out”

Respecting the instructions, the bar-tabac no longer sells beverages. “We mainly help out. And this afternoon, the customers are parading. “Attendance has been divided by four but turnover only by two. Customers buy in larger quantities. “

And if the atmosphere is no longer the same as on match nights, the boss always takes the opportunity to hear from his regulars. “The conviviality is still there, even in a period of confinement,” he smiles.

“My bar has always been full”

Guy and his daughter have been in charge for eight years. Even no more asking for the preferred brand of tobacco. The boss knows the habits. On the walls, many photos that remind him of the good times spent with his friends. “I have a lot of memories here. My bar has always been full. “

Among the most memorable moments, the Sarthois will remember in particular on match nights. “I especially remember a meeting where PSG was beaten by Real Madrid in 2017. We did not expect it at all. And then there were also the belote contests. “

The virus is transmitted

On the program for his retirement, it is precisely belote and football. At 62, Guy aspires to spend peaceful days in Chantenay. The rest is already provided by her daughter who will in turn take over a tobacco bar in Sainte-Jamme-sur-Sarthe. “I transmitted the virus to him,” laughs Guy. But as for his father, confinement upset his plans. “She finds herself blocked too. “

If the boss had celebrated his departure in mid-March, all these events have turned him upside down. “I find it hard to believe that this is soon the end. Customers will also have to say goodbye to Couna (aka Coucoune), her dog and real bar mascot.

It remains to be seen when the containment will end. But Guy remains calm. “We will wait kindly for at least a month and then we will see,” he concludes.

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